Hey Check out my new blog!

July 19, 2006

Hey everbody! ckeck out my new blog MINI SCOBLEIZER 2.0 !

Oh my god what have I started

March 1, 2006

My friend has just started a blog, jeez this kid is crazy. I’m turning him to the Mac side of the force too(he wants an iBook G4). He reads my Dads blog on a daly basesand. Now I’m not the only one with a blog in my school with a blog any more, in fact we are chatting on skype as I type so there you go Dad the youth of America is not totaly wasted you’ve got two of us already 😉

My Friends think my Dads a porn star

February 18, 2006

As you probably Know My Dad wrote a book with Shel Israel, and I tried to tell all my friends and most of them thought he was a porn star I thought that was a bit scary and I think you all would find that a “bit” scary. he’s not 21 he’s 41 it was hard to talk to anyone about the book after that experience. I wonder if anyone else thought the book had something to do with porn.

iPods and apple computers

February 8, 2006

Today Apple released a 1 gb nano and decreased the price of all shuffles $30. Today it seem they also got rid of the 17 inch iMac G5. Do you think Apples setting something up like getting rid of the iMac G5 or the shuffle and replaceing it with the “micro” or….”flea” ;). I would like to know what you think I think all this is setting something up ,well it wouldn’t be the first time. You might have also heard that the Dell stoped making thier DellDJ product. I can’t imangine why.

External Hard drive

January 22, 2006

Well I’ve thought about it and I think an external hard drive was a good idea, so I go to the Apple store and ask them what would be a good portable external ant the guy said a FireLite hard drive would be the best so I looked at the FireLite hard drives and I thought they looked kinda cool. I would Like to know if you have any information on these hard drives, and I have two in mind the 40GB and the 60GB, the 40 for $150 and the 60 for $180 do you think I should pay the extra $30 for 20 more GB’s I could use them. What do you think?


January 21, 2006

As you can see I had some…technical problems sorry 🙂

What should I get …

January 21, 2006

So as you know I got quite a bit of money over the months and I’ll be going to the Apple Store this weekend and I have $175 to spend, what do you think I sould get that’s not an iPod…something for my computer what do you think I sould I get “useful” oh, and I already have a iSight I’m thinking hard drive because there’s many things I want to do with that space and no it’s not downloading porn 😉

Help me!

January 19, 2006

Ok, so Today I thought I would download a game on my iBook, then I put the disk in but it says I can’t download it beacuse it can’t find the application “installer” , the application that is needed to download anything, so that means I can’t download anything at all. So I need to know what that means should I just take it to the Apple store or could I just do it my self. I hope that better explains the problem.

Here’s my Dad’s blog

January 19, 2006

sorry I wrote that wrong here’s my Dad’s blog here’s Dave Winers blog too man I really need help! (please read my last post)


January 19, 2006

Ok, so today I was playing with my iBook and then I thought I would download a game that I got over the weekend (because of my brithday) and then I put the dist in and the thing says “installer not found” and then I was looking through every thing including my 800 page manual. What happened without installer I can’t download anything! what do I do I can’t even download the software that came with the thing. Here’s my Dad’s blog please help!