I’m Back from MACWORLD!! with a new ibook

Well, although today’s Friday the 13th I’ve got to say today was my lucky day as I come back from Macworld with a iBook. From who you might ask? and the anwser to that question is…Dave Winer…so…THANK YOU SO MUCH DAVE!! Hmm so you want to know how Macworld was…kinda boring because all you heard was my Dad talk about how much better CES was, and I wanted my computer so bad I didn’t really care what was going on.




31 Responses to “I’m Back from MACWORLD!! with a new ibook”

  1. Matt Says:

    Dang, must be nice that you’ve got connections. Dave is a nice guy (occasionally!)

  2. J Says:

    sour grapes. It must be nice. Some of us struggle to get the few things we can afford. Now that you’ve been given an iBook, are you going to donate that 700 dollars to charity. I think that would be a nice gesture. You would be giving back to those not fortunate enough to be handed things….

  3. sundoggy Says:

    So Patrick, tell us about your iBook. Which one did you get?

    Hey, the charity idea is good, but first make sure you’ve got enough RAM (because they don’t put enough in to begin with), all the aps you need, maybe an iSight camera for video chats… well maybe there will be some left over for charity.

  4. Stephen Spencer Says:

    Bravo, Patrick. I’ve been reading Dave’s writings for a few years, and occasionally read your dad’s writings (though I should read more of it, he’s got good things to say). sundoggy’s got the right idea; more RAM is good for OS X.

  5. projectguatemala Says:

    Congrats Patrick , have fun with the MACBOOK PRO

    want a good MAC site


    Your Dad blogged about it last August ,,,


  6. Patrick Scoble Says:

    you mean iBook with memory update? 🙂

  7. Dave Winer Says:

    You guys are amazing. Patrick got a birthday present (didn’t he tell you it was his birthday). How else do kids get cool things. It’s not like Patrick has a job. He’s just a kid. Cut him some slack.

    Also, he’s been a good friend for many years, more than half his life. He makes fun of me and I make fun of him. We tell each other what we really think. So why shouldn’t I get him a nice present. The money is nothing to me.

  8. Matt Says:

    RAM aside, that’s a pretty smokin’ gift ya got there buddy. I’m not much of a Mac person myself, mainly because I’m [sort of] in your shoes, I don’t have a lot of money to throw around (Hey Dave, how bout sendin’ one of those iBook’s to a poor Comp. Eng. student?? :þ). Now that they’ve got Intel I might as well give them a shot, we’ll see.

    Enjoy, dude, and happy belated birthday.

  9. zach g Says:

    nice. like you were, im still saving up for the intel ibook. whenever that comes out.
    im still using an ibook g3 so it’ll be a nice upgrade.

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    I’m Back from MACWORLD!! with a new ibook « Mini Scobleizer

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