Ok, so today I was playing with my iBook and then I thought I would download a game that I got over the weekend (because of my brithday) and then I put the dist in and the thing says “installer not found” and then I was looking through every thing including my 800 page manual. What happened without installer I can’t download anything! what do I do I can’t even download the software that came with the thing. Here’s my Dad’s blog please help!


12 Responses to “HELP HELP!!!”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I’m not sure I know what your talking about exactly, if you could maybe put up a screenshot or two I might be able to help.

  2. Lee Wilkins Says:

    what you need it sounds like is Stuffit Expander,

    that should work

  3. jo jo (marisa) Says:

    hi well i sure don’t know what to do but good luck!

  4. Lijah Says:

    Like marisa said, good luck! just don’t mess up your hard drive ok? lol

  5. xiao chen Says:

    hey umm how could you download a game on a book? it doesnt make sense. where do you put in the disc on the book, because my book doesnt have a “softdrive”

  6. danilecomstock Says:

    just read though the manual u will find it sometime.

  7. nathen Says:

    um….no ofense to xiao chen but she is pretty retarded!

  8. xaio chen Says:

    excuse mwah???
    and what do u think u are “nathen”???
    ur pretty retarded, and u shouldn’t call me reterded if i don’t know anything ’bout comps! at least i am not a computer geek!!!

    no offense patrick=)(=

  9. Faustinus Says:

    A word is enough to the wise… Faustinus

  10. Christian Says:

    Before one can say Jack Robinson… Christian

  11. pcyjzpqyeo Says:

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