Help me!

Ok, so Today I thought I would download a game on my iBook, then I put the disk in but it says I can’t download it beacuse it can’t find the application “installer” , the application that is needed to download anything, so that means I can’t download anything at all. So I need to know what that means should I just take it to the Apple store or could I just do it my self. I hope that better explains the problem.


14 Responses to “Help me!”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Are you installing the game from a CD or a internet download. You might want to consult whoever distributes the game through whichever method you are using and explain the problem to them as I am still at a loss as to exactly what the problem might be.

  2. Patrick Scoble Says:


  3. Patrick Scoble Says:

    but it said it coulden’t find the application installer so I can’t download anything

  4. zach g Says:

    confirm that the installer application is where it belongs.
    check in the \applications\utilities folder. or hit command + shift + U from the desktop.

  5. Ryan Says:

    ah, right, I’ve never had a problem with that before, yeah, check that is in your utilities folder, if not than I could zip it up for you.

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