Oh my god what have I started

My friend has just started a blog, jeez this kid is crazy. I’m turning him to the Mac side of the force too(he wants an iBook G4). He reads my Dads blog on a daly basesand. Now I’m not the only one with a blog in my school with a blog any more, in fact we are chatting on skype as I type so there you go Dad the youth of America is not totaly wasted you’ve got two of us already 😉


48 Responses to “Oh my god what have I started”

  1. hman Says:

    Howdy. I stumbled across your site from your dad’s I think, which I stumbled across from the WordPress home page. I want an iBook/what ever the new intel version will be named so badly! How’s your G4? We have G4 carts at my school and they’re great!

  2. Patrick Scoble Says:

    I love my G4 it pretty awesome but the hd size is kinda low but thats all thats bad about it

  3. hman Says:

    Cool! What’s the hd size, though? 40GB? I have a dinosaur of computer, which I could hardly believe I could run Windows XP on. It has a 10GB hd! Basically, any Apple computer would be something of an improvement!

  4. Patrick Scoble Says:

    heh…yeah its 40 it okay but I very anal about the space I’m trying to keep it above 20 at all times. 😉

  5. Justin Thorp Says:

    Patrick, when are we going to hear your thoughts on the Apple announcement?

  6. Patrick Scoble Says:

    oh okay later I’m going to school right now

  7. Ramble Says:

    A blog isn’t exactly a revolutionary thing.
    Although, perhaps he shouldn’t be your friend if your recommending things that are obviously shit (Macs).
    Perhaps you should buy a dictionary as well..

  8. Thinkings of an Old Baby Boomer » Arguments Says:

    […] It was once said that anybody can argue againist anything. With all of the crap that I have been reading lately as copmments, this appears true. I have just read a new blog from some kid and the second comment is a derogatory comment about the quality of the platform (WordPress) that this kid uses. I found this blog by reading Mini Scoblizer’s blog (for those of you that don’t know, he is the son of Scoble the Microsoft A-Lister), all of which use WordPress, as do myself. Why would anybody want to start a new blogger with some comment about what was probably recommended by his friend. If you want to give comments that attack, use Scoble’s, he is used to people telling him that he hasn’t got a clue. […]

  9. Patrick Scoble Says:

    Shut up shit head

  10. Henry Says:

    Nicely put. ^

    “Although, perhaps he shouldn’t be your friend if your recommending things that are obviously shit (Macs).”

    When it comes to Macs, I guess some people have a problem with ease of use, elegant design, and raw power. I can’t imagine why.

  11. Henry’s blog » Blog Archive » What happened to being nice? Says:

    […] link […]

  12. markr Says:

    Macs are Shit? I find that hard to believe. I don’t use a Mac, but that is probably mine problem.

    I like open source such as Unix, Linux, and at this time Windows. But calling apples shit I think is a little strong. I do use itunes, and quicktime and other stuff that Apple has designed.

    Maybe you should get a live, and live in the real world

  13. Patrick Scoble Says:

    I know henry. I’m not calling windows computes shit in, fact I use one quite often so I’ll ues both OSs and not be calling ether of them shit so what they are a bit more expensive but you wont see the “we have to close this program sorry for the inconvenience” and at least I can say good things for both OSs

  14. Henry Says:

    I too can say good things for both OSs, considering I don’t yet have a Mac, though have the opportunity to use them at school quite often. Honestly, since Service Pack 2 for Windows XP, it’s much more stable and a fair amount more secure, eliminating many of my qualms with it. The most noticeable thing that XP lacks versus OS X are those great aesthetics; subtle animations, graphics, thing like that. Thing is, that tends to come at a price.

  15. Guy Pelletier Says:

    ranted Windows are expensive, however they are the industry standard for bussiness. If you want graphics, the a Mac will do the job better.
    Mac will out pe4rform a windows machine and with the Intel Mac, we should be seeing the best of both worlds.

  16. Nic Seow Says:

    Ramble, your English is far from perfect, too. ‘if your recommending things’?

    Oh, Patrick doesn’t need a dictionary – OS X has a built-in spell checker.

  17. markr Says:

    Patrick, I am impressed. You are making all sorts of enemies here. Keep up the good work. You are making people think, and they are responding to you.

    If they are not careful, they may have paradym shifts too.

    Your dad is trying to do the same thing where he works, but you get to do a whole lot sooner. Then again, You have Dave on your side too

  18. martin Says:

    no idea whether macs are any good or not – (no recent experience with them). Friends who use them a lot love them. then again I love OS/360. tell me what you are most comfortable with, and I’ll tell you your favourite platform.
    obvious comment, I know, but just wanted to make the point that people who generalise to the same degree as ramble, without adding anything to back up those generalisations (not even a link to his blog – how backward of him !!), are a blog version of Nelson Muntz (but not as funny).

  19. Jason Rand Says:

    Hi Patrick. I’m trying to start a blog with wordpress too. I’ve got it set up at igrokclimbing.wordpress.com, but I didn’t get the password, so I can’t start blogging. I e-mailed, but no response so far from the wordpress people. I’ve heard good things about wordpress, so I want to give them a try, but if I don’t get a response soon I’m going to go with someone else. Do you have any suggestions?

  20. Mini Scobleizer Says:

    Hmm…..well I think you might have to start a new account because your not getting a email. But one time I tried to delete my blog and wordpress and I didn’t get the email for two weeks im a loser

  21. Mini Scobleizer Says:

    sorry my friend said that anyway so I would wait a few weeks and hopefully you will get an email with a new password then you can change it from there. Good Luck with your blog

  22. Jason Rand Says:

    A few weeks?! That’s crazy. Do you think that’s because they have a 2 week backlog of customer requests/complaints? I doubt I’ll wait that long before checking out another blogging platform. Thanks anyway, and good luck with your blog too.

  23. Mini Scobleizer Says:


  24. Ramble Says:

    Regardless of what any of you may think, my reasons for hating Apple and OS X are founded, and not just the idiotic Windows fanboyism you may hear so much*. I invite any of you to argue the case with me.

    And to Nic Seow, that’s a grammar error, and consequently has nothing to do with using the dictionary.

    *The same goes for WordPress.

  25. Henry Says:

    I merely question your judgement for posting your “founded reasons for hating Apple and OS X” on a kid’s blog! Why not vent your frustration and express your narrow-minded opinions somewhere else! I mean, I accept the fact that Microsoft dominates in terms of market share, and I have a Windows Machine, but there’s nothing wrong with liking Macs too! It’s not like I’m slanted towards one OS or other; I just happen to like OS X more, and that is a fair opinioin, because I use both OSs.

  26. Henry Says:


  27. Robert Day Says:

    Check out MacLife for your latest mac news, views, podcasts and forums!

  28. Darin Codon Says:

    Hmmm, good to see your listeining to your dad and posting to your blog!

  29. marisasesto Says:

    i don’t really understand any of this computer talk so i am gonna go now…

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  31. Needs one Says:

    I WANT AN XBOX 360

  32. BeHE Says:

    I use WordPress and I think it’s great. It’s just a bit of a shame it relies so heavily on SQL. My SQL server went down for quite a long time – and to make matters worse, I forgot to back up my database.

    But recently, it went back online! So as soon as I discovered this, I installed the Database Backup and Caching plugins. It works like a dream now.

  33. Geovi Says:

    not to be rude but your blog is really boring!@

    just saying!@

  34. Helen Says:

    how come your blog is all about computers?

  35. Lynol Says:

    Let me guess Anthony??

  36. danilecomstock Says:

    no one has a blog anymore because of ms rodkin anyways.

  37. paul Says:

    he stopped blogging… typical

  38. Daniel Comstock Says:


  39. Patrick Scoble Says:

    HEY I heard that! I stoped for a reson! check out my new blog to find out.

  40. Maurice Says:

    An ass loaded with gold climbs to the top of the castle. Maurice.

  41. Lucas Says:

    A bad beginning makes a bad ending… Lucas

  42. Andrew Says:

    Every man has his faults… Andrew

  43. Constance Says:

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  44. Eli Says:

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  45. Felix Says:

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  46. Eliza Says:

    The more the merrier… Eliza

  47. Caiek Says:

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  48. mkpshmoham Says:

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